K-12 Music Lessons

Piano, Accordion, Guitar, Ukulele, Melodica, Bass, and Vocal

Avoid the dreaded "music lesson struggle".

Here is one of the most common concerns voiced by potential new parents to the studio.

“I really don’t want music lessons to be a struggle with my child.”

Many parents tell me sad and frustrating tales of boring music lessons they endured as a kid. 

They wanted to learn a favourite song, and the teacher said that it was too hard for their level.

Or they had to learn a bunch of theory before they were allowed to play a real song.  Now, the parents haven't touched their instrument in years.

No parent wants this experience for their child.

As a music teacher and professional musician, I created a fail-proof lesson program. 

A program where children are excited and motivated, because they play real songs from Day One!

Using the Easy Ear method that I developed, I make sure that my students start sounding good right away.

From the very first lesson!

Meet Gabi

Gabi started learning piano and guitar, and loves playing pop songs and classic themes.  Here she is performing Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter that she learned in a month!

Our students include first-time learners, kids who love to sing and play music, and advanced students expanding their musical skills and creativity.

Give your child the Inner Artist experience: They learn music that they enjoy - right from the very first lesson!

After the first month of lessons, your child will be able to play and sing a real song for memory.

After the first six months of lessons, your child will be able to confidently perform at a recital for family and friends.

How can I get started?

  1. Click the button below to send us a message.
  2. Schedule your child's first intro lesson.
  3. After enjoying the intro lesson, schedule your child's first month of lessons.
  4. Your child will develop their Inner Artist on your chosen instrument!


"Just wanted to thank you for the great recital you organized on Monday. It’s amazing to see all the kids showcase their hard work and it’s a big deal for the kids too, to go on stage and perform." - Soobia

"Thank you David!  I was very proud of her performance at the recital as well.  Thanks for being such a great teacher.  :-)" - Sanya

Your Experience at the Studio

Easy Ear Method

Your child will be able to learn one of your favourite songs right in the very first lesson, using the Easy Ear method I developed - so they won’t be bored with learning endless theory before playing.

Songs at your level

Each student will receive a customized version of their chosen songs at their level - so they will be able to play right away.

Impress Your Family and Friends!

Experience the fun of playing along with a pro musician - either with custom-made backing tracks (online lessons) or in person - so you sound like a Pro!

Play Like the Pros

Develop the Pro Attitude: Play real songs right away, Reveal inner motivation from musical interests, Own your repertoire by playing confidently.

Multilingual Lessons

Want to have more opportunity for your child to practise their French or Spanish?  Have them take their music lesson in French or Spanish with me.  Great for immersion students!

Get Your First Instrument Consult

If you don’t have an instrument at home, I will help you acquire your first instrument.  I will give you the best options and tell you where and what to buy/rent. This will save a lot of time!

Watch some of our students in action!

Meet Vikram.

Vikram loved music by Chopin, Beethoven, and Mozart.  He started learning classical music with me.

By the end of his first year of lessons, he performed a medley of pieces in a talent show in front of the whole school!

After a few years of studying at the studio, Vikram started mastering pieces by Chopin, like the "Minute Waltz".

Meet Patrick.

Patrick had learned piano for a few years and always wanted to pick up the accordion.

Within a year of lessons, we played a duet of "Bamboleo" by the Gipsy Kings at a recital!

Meet Maryse.

Maryse loves singing and wanted to learn the ukulele.

In only two lessons, Maryse learned to play and sing "The Bare Necessities" from the Jungle Book.