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Meet the Wander Duo.

David transports audiences to another place with piano, accordion, and guitar, while George brings all the passion and vitality that the violin can offer. George has international experience having played in over 30+ countries, and knows how to entertain the crowd. They have entertained audiences at weddings, anniversaries, private parties, and receptions. With the violin and the accordion, we bring the music and entertainment to you by walking around the tables and serenading the guests.

The Wander Duo’s repertoire is vast – genres include classical, pop, jazz, bossa nova, and more. The Wander Duo has played at lots of multicultural events and has great selection of Italian, French, Spanish, Latino, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Jewish, and German songs.
Whether you want piano and violin, accordion and violin, or guitar and violin for your next event, the Wander Duo is all you need.

Please take a look at our Wander Duo Repertoire List for specific songs and styles. It is a partial list as we learn more songs and take your requests.

The Wander Duo offers affordable and flexible pricing for all events.

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